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Aamu Health and Willness Center

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Essay Preview: Aamu Health and Willness Center

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Monica Poole


Mr. Journey


Alabama A&M University Student Health & Wellness Center

Hello class are you trying to stay fit or just trying to find some good recreation, maybe you just want to lounge with your friends and have and enjoy free WIFI, well I will let you know today were you can find what you're looking for.

A. 1) 4011 Meridian Street all 78,000 square feet is the home of Alabama A&M Student Health & Wellness Center.

2) The best opportunities in fitness and recreation in the area.

B. I am here to inform you on

1) Facility hours

2) What the facility has to offer.

3) Who are members, who can be member .

II. Facility hours

* Weekdays 6am-10pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 1pm-7pm

* lll. Facility offers, fitness, recreation and special amenities.

* 7 Lane Swimming Pool

* 6 Lane Bowling Alley

* 1 Outdoor Volleyball Court

* 2-Court Gymnasium

* Suspended 4 Lane Walking Track

* 3 Racquetball Courts

* Weight Room and Cardio Training Area

* 3 Multi-purpose Activity Rooms

* 2 Locker Rooms with Showers

* 3 Aerobics Rooms

* Free WIFI

* Group Fitness Classes

* Personal Training

* Guest Passes

* Daily use lockers

*Facility Rental: Facility can host a variety of events.

*Youth Sports Academy

IV. Who are members? Who can become members?

All A&M student are members, Memberships are available to all A&M employees, alumni including spouses and families and the community.

V. Alabama A&M Student Health & Wellness Center is the best opportunities in fitness and recreation in the area, accommodating hours for everyone, open membership.

Conclusion: The Health & Wellness is a wonderful asset to the University. They offer



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