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Abc Hospital

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ABC hospital can do several things such as private to public hospital, upgrade equipment larger more friendly staff, conflict resolution, quality control, and risk management. Changing to a not for profit hospital may help. Upgrading to the newest technologies can help to draw in new patients especially equipment for specialized areas. Patients would make the travel in rural areas to go to a hospital that had better technology. Providing new services and expanding may also help the hospital. People with chronic illnesses want the best treatment around so they would be willing to travel if necessary to make it to this hospital. Finding well trained qualified, quality professionals for the organization and any additional areas that may be added will help to improve quality of care and improve the hospitals reputation. Advantages to expansions are that they offer more to the public, drawing in a bigger crowd of patients. Disadvantages of expansions are expenses and risk. Expansions can be risky because we may not know for sure whether or not adding a department to the hospital would be beneficial to the area. If the new department was not beneficial to the area it could cost the hospital even more money just to keep open. It would even cost the hospital to make it into a new department if the original failed.


First and foremost the hospital should be doing survey's and they can send these survey's through the mail as well as do patient survey in the waiting rooms of offices. Many hospitals already do patient surveys and they are sent to many patients after discharge. The surveys can be evaluated to find weakness in the company. The surveys can also address issues that would have been otherwise unknown. By doing these evaluations, risk and quality management would improve because new areas of weakness would be known. Management could work to fix issues within the organization that are of concern to the public. Another thing that could be done is employee and facility evaluations. Periodically someone could evaluate both employees and the facility. Someone could go around and make sure everything is up to code and that there is nothing posing a risk to the public or employees. Employees can also be evaluated periodically o ensure they are properly doing their jobs and following standard procedures. By doing employee evaluations, staff can see where areas arise that may make employees dissatisfied as well. Another thing that can be done is to monitor employee work hours to make sure that employees are not dealing with burnout on top of all the budget cuts and other things that may cause dissatisfaction.



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