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Abc Nightline Video "the Marrying Kind"

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Essay Preview: Abc Nightline Video "the Marrying Kind"

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I chose to watch the ABC Nightline video "The marrying kind". The video discussed the legalization and recognition of gay marriage. I found this video very interesting. I was especially intrigued with the interview with Reverend Eugene Rivers. In the interview the reverend attempted to argue why same sex marriage should not be allowed and the law should be repealed. I found his argument interesting in the fact that he states that the core feature of this civilization and culture is the establishment of a nuclear unit between a man and a woman as the normative philosophic anthropological definition. I could not help but key in on the word "normative". The reverends comment speaks to what is the norm, however, not everything in our society and our culture that are the normative are considered correct or right by any standard. What I found to be most interesting is the reverends argument that gay marriage deprives children of a mother and a father. He argued that the children that are being adopted by those in a gay marriage would otherwise be adopted by traditional parents. I have to agree with Ted Coppell who conducted the interview, when he made reference to the fact that many of these children may not be otherwise. Ted Coppell also brought up the question, "Is it better to live in sin or go against the normative of our society." I would have to agree and say that if we are going by a religious standard which one of those is the lesser of two evils?

The second video I watched was Claire Renzetii's "Different types of partner abuse". She discussed abuse in relationships and the accuracy of studies conducted in relationship to abusive relationships. She stated that research indicates that most of the violence in relationships is in co-habative relationship rather than married partnerships. What I found interesting is when she pointed out the specific groups that might have been surveyed for the data. She pointed out that the results would vary depending upon the age groups of the people, the questions being asked as well as the instrument used to conduct the research. I found very interesting when she discussed the newer research and how it has changed and is becoming more quantative, asking participants what the behaviors mean to them, getting context meaning and motive. It appears that the research is becoming more customized and in turn will become more helpful in assisting those who are involved in violent relationships and the victims of violence.



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