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Effects of Video Games on Children from Different Sociological Perspectives

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Essay Preview: Effects of Video Games on Children from Different Sociological Perspectives

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Video games were first created in the late 1940's as a source of entertainment for people. It became grouped into four versions such as the arcade version, console version, personal computers and handheld games in the 1960's. Arcade games being the first genre of video games created, are machines mostly found in arcades, hotels and bars which is operated by inserting a coin into it. Console games were created in the 1970's and are referred to as the best version of video games till today. The first type of console game created is the micro-genius. It is operated by inserting a cartridge with a particular set of programmes into it. Handheld games are quite similar to console games in terms of how it functions. The only difference is that handheld games make use of batteries for portability. Games in personal computers were produced along with it. Apart from entertainment, video games were also produced for other uses like education. This essay will discuss the negative and positive effects of video games on children.

Firstly, certain perspectives like the feminist theory can be found in some video games. This theory, aims to understand gender inequality among women and promote their rights and interests.. In other words, it can be said that feminist theory potrays women as independent beings. This theory can be found in some computer games. An example of such is Tomb Raider. In this game, the heroine is called Lara Croft who is sole heir to her archeological resources. She is a well trained gymnast and gunman that travels around the world protecting and collecting precious historical artifacts. This shows her level of independence and serves as a very good example of feminist theory for other women having problems with gender inequality. On the other hand the costumes used by the heroine encourage female idolization and is sexually explicit. This may negatively influence children especially male ones. Another example of computer games that potray the feminist theory is Resident Evil. It is quite similar to Tomb Raider. In this game a female character strives to be one of the remaining survivors in the world after an outbreak of a virus in the world that makes a human being lose his/her sanity. Her struggle to survive and help other survivors shows her independent nature. This serves as a strong point for feminist theory. However the use vulgar language and excessive violence is found in the in the game and it could also influence children.



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