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Abortion Case

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Essay Preview: Abortion Case

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I believe that woman should have a decision to have an abortion in certain cases. I think teenagers should not have an abortion, because they had unprotected sex. This is not a good enough reason because I think the fetus has a right. The fetus is not old enough to fight for themselves. In Supreme Court cases such as woman who is pregnant from rape.

Woman should have the right to have an abortion or should suggest giving it up for adoption. For example I believe woman that is pregnant from rape should be allowed to make a single decision, without the father because he has no rights. The father has no rights since he is unknown and committed rape. Because the woman became pregnant due to rape, the woman should have more rights than the fetus. She should have a right to abort the child because she won't have to live her life with the memory of being raped. Of course, the idea of a fetus being able to fight for himself still applies, but not as much unless the mother agrees to no abortion.

Many woman can't live their life to the fullest once left pregnant after rape. Sometimes women are against the decisions made in the courtroom when it comes to rape. Many are forced to either keep the child and later suffer from depression, insomnia and stress related problems based on the court decisions. So I think maybe, if woman can choose a decision they feel is best for both her and the child. Then future problems can be avoided. They should not suffer from decisions made by the court, if they have to keep a child they never want to conceive by rape.



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