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Abortion Case

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One reason why I believe that abortion should be an option is because of rape victims. What if a teenage girl was brutally raped and was impregnated by her assailant? Would you want your young teenage daughter to have that baby? That young girl should not have to have a baby because someone forced her to have sex. I know that doesn't make abortion right but what about the girls mental well-being. She is already going through enough due to the fact that she was raped. A baby would make it worse. Another thing is you also have to think about the how the baby will feel whens its older.

What if the mother has HIV AIDS? Shouldn't the mother have the right to abort the her baby because she doesn't want it to be born with HIV AIDS? I wouldn't want my child to be born with that horrible virus. Personally I think that aborting the baby would be better than bringing it into this world with a virus like that. Most people probably will say it doesn't matter because abortion is the same as murder. In reality people need to think about it in a different way. Do you want a child to have to suffer?

I am not a very religious person but I do have a lot of Christian value. Sometimes I have to go against them. Christians are against abortion. They say that it is the same as murder. Most of my family are Christian and thats what they have said to me. I see where they are coming from but I still believe a woman should be aloud to choose whether or not she wants a baby under certain circumstances.

Lastly I will admit that abortion is destroying a life that never started but sometimes no life is better than living. Everyone always says that abortion is wrong but in my opinion there are certain situations where you should apply abortion as an option. A teen rape victim should not have to have a child by her assailant. People need to look at how her life will be effected. People also need to think about how abortion is a terrible thing but can also be a good thing.



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