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Persuasive Essay: Abortion

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Persuasive Essay: Abortion

Selective abortion is not birth control and should be against the law, other than when medically necessary; to sustain the health and wellbeing of the mother or the child who will be unable to sustain life after birth. A fetus or baby has a heart beat at six week gestation which by all means make it a human being, a live person who should have the right to life.

There are two types of abortion; the first is spontaneous abortion or miscarriage which happens when the body expels the fetus from the body. The other type is selective abortion, which an expectant mother ends a pregnancy by choice for one reason or another. According to the most recent national estimates, nearly one fifth of all pregnancies in the United States end in abortion. Multiple factors can influence the incidence of abortion, including the availability of abortion providers; the adoption of state regulations, such as mandatory waiting periods and parental involvement laws; increasing acceptance of non marital childbearing shifts in the racial/ethnic composition of the U.S. population; and changes in the economy and the resulting impact on fertility preferences and access to health-cares services, including contraception.

However, even with these influences, most abortions are preceded by an unintended pregnancy, with intended pregnancies estimated to account for 4% of all abortions, including those which presumably are performed for maternal medical indications and fetal abnormalities. Providing women with the knowledge and resources necessary to make decisions about their sexual behavior and use of contraception can help them avoid unintended pregnancies and thus reduce the number of women seeking abortion (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, February 25, 2011).

Finding and taking advantage of a local planned parenting program in the area is one of the many ways to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in



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