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Accountability Case

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This essay is about the importance of accountability and being accounted for and on time to formation. The safety of soldiers is a very important to the army and to the mission itself. The conquiences for not being accounted for can be extreme.

Just like being on time to work in the civilian world being on time to accountability is just as important. By being accounted for by your sergeant before pt, work call, and close out formation. By being accountable means that you are dependable that you are being to your place of duity on time every day and it teaches u the importance of self discipline one of the army's core values. You have to be mature enough to get up and get to work on time a value that you will need in life. Accountability is something that the Army does not take lightly. It should never be taken lightly due to the fact that it is a possibility your life could be at stake. It is important to the Army because it allow people to know where you are. When you have accountability for everyone, it is easier to track down people when they are needed to do a certain task. Not only is accountability important for people, but it is also important for the safekeeping of documents, gear, weapons, etc. If someone or something is not accounted for, then there is a possibility that something serious could be wrong or something could have happened. If your soldiers are not accountable and don't have the equipment they need or the equipment they were issued then it could cause a major problem in the mission possibly causing you to fail the mission and lose lives of your soldiers.

I am a 91 bravo being accounted is important to the motor pool. As a mechanic I have to service trucks and have them mission ready. If I'm late then my squad is short a person which means that work will not be done on time and we will not be able to get that truck ready for the mission it's about to go on. If the trucks are late then they start to back up and will cause more work and stress to me and the members of my squad. This will cause my platoon sergeant and motor sergeant stress to find the person to replace me just to work on that truck or service.



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