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Amity University Uttar Pradesh

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Amity University Uttar Pradesh

French Grammar-I [FREN104] – 2nd semester

French Assignment

Q1.        Conjugate the following verbs according to format* given below in affirmative and negative form in present tense:

1.        parler

2.        écouter

3.        aller

4.        finir

5.        sortir

6.        retenir

7.        se promener

8.        venir

9.        regarder

10.        repartir

11.        se lever

12.        être

13.        avoir


Affirmative (+) form

Negative (-) form

Parler (to speak)

Je parle

Tu parles

Il/elle parle

Nous parlons

Vous parlez

Ils/elles parlent

Je ne parle pas

Tu ne parles pas

Il/elle ne parle pas

Nous ne parlons pas

Vous ne parlez pas

Ils/elles ne parlent pas

Q2.        Explain possessive adjectives (with table) and write 20 complete sentences.

Q3.        Frame the sentences of the following prepositions :

  1. avec  (with)                        b.         sans (without)

c.   pour  (for/in favour of)      d.         contre (against)

e.   entre (between)                  f.         parmi (among)

g.   dans (in)                             h.        sur (on)

Note: - Use only A4 size papers (used for printouts), Blue or Black pen for French Handwritten assignment and staple them (No folders).

- Attached the soft copy of a front page (after editing the name of your department, programme, batch, enrolment no.etc.) with your assignment enclosed in the next page.

- Submit the assignment in class only. After due date 5 marks will be deducted.



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2nd  semester



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