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Animal Extinction

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I'm Homeless

We all enjoy watching animals free and happy in their habitats. Imagine how our lives would be without them, lonely, hearing no sounds from them while you quietly walk. Animals are becoming extinct because, we are damaging their habitats. Since these awesome creatures are important to our environment, we as humans have to create ways to help them survive, places where they can live in peace without fearing that they will become extinct.

Eventough there are already many people involved in saving animals, however we all have to be concerned and take action since they are part of our environment, and that without them we couldn't live.

Animals are part of our environment. Even though we both live in the same habitats and share the same nature, we are making them extinct. First, some animals become extinct because of pollution (Sheenan 18). Pollution contaminates their habitats by obligating animals to change their shelters and make food hard to find. If we make one animal become extinct a whole cycle can be ruined. Second, most animal extinction is caused by human activity, the cut down of trees and the unessecary use of land resources. (Sheenan 9). All we take out from forests, all the things that we do that can cause serious damage to nature. In oceans, seas and lakes, animals like whales or coral reefs get extinct because oil spills or unnecesary amounts of fishing. (Sheenan28). Imagine what type of abuse we are causing to animals by making them extinct. If we can cause animal extinction, we can stop it.



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