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Essay on Animal Farming

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Animal farming is an ever growing problem in our growing world, as the world's demand for meat products rises, there will always be people looking for easy money by cruelly raising livestock that would otherwise be expensive and time consuming to raise properly and healthily.

An animal farm is an intensive and often overpopulated animal breeding facility that is operated under poorly controlled conditions that fail to provide the basic behavioural, social and/or psychological needs. Animal farms are usually large-scale commercial operations, but poor conditions may also exist in small volume breeding establishments which may or may not be run for profit.

The debate whether to allow or to ban animal farming has been an ever rising problem over recent times, as people are starting to worry about the animals welfare when such large numbers of animals are confined to small areas. This leaves them open to disease and infections which has to be treated with continuous pesticides and antibiotics, which over time, becomes useless as the bacteria and parasites develop immunities to the treatments.

The confinement of large numbers of animals in small spaces can often cause pain and emotional distress to the animals as they are deprived of exercise and forced to live very confined and boring lives, which in some cases can lead to self-destructive behaviours by animals themselves.

Due to the recent discoveries of what confinement can do to animals, some authorities have started to make laws about the welfare of livestock that are bred to poor conditions, this includes in order to feed the growing population of humans



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