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Animal Farm Case

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It has been questioned for decades and centuries if a utopian society is indeed possible. According to George Orwell's Animal Farm, the idea of a mystical utopia is discussed as well as presented within the book. According to Orwell's ideas presented in Animal Farm, man is indeed unable to achieve a utopian society. Corruption always occurs within a society attempting to achieve this particular goal. It is essential that everyone work in unity to reach that glorious vision. A share in power is crucial if anyone wants to accomplish anything near a utopia.

The bad apples always ruin the good apples; they rot them slowly, yet steadily. For example as soon as Major was dead and gone, the pigs quickly turned the new state of affairs to their own advantage. They appropriated more than their share of benefits, in return for almost doing nothing. The only thing the pigs did efficiently accomplish was to slack off. "..pigs did not actually work, but directed and supervised the others" (Orwell 45). The quote presents that the pigs' "corruption" and wrong doing, wasn't really opposed by anyone. They did simple jobs that required only the mind, and no physical labor. All the other animals on the farm worked themselves to the bone, in order to complete their duties, and please their unjust rulers.

Unity is crucial to get absolutely anywhere, without unity, there exists no so called utopia. It has always been said that three heads work more efficiently, rather than one. Not all the animals really accepted the idea of a utopia within their thoughts and minds. The cat disappeared when there was work to attend to. Mollie went crawling back to the frivolous little rewards she previously received when Jones and his wife were still on the farm. "..when there was work to be done the cat could never be found" (Orwell 47). The cat simply flaked, she had no interest in helping, nor did she care to listen. The quote presents exactly that, she was just so lazy, and uninterested in the idea.

Carlos 2

If power isn't shared nor distributed evenly with all the residents, then "voices" don't exist. The privilege to speak and give an opinion or express a plan is simple non-existent. Since ironically, Napoleon is a symbol used to represent the harsh and quite opposite of benevolent ruler, Stalin, one of his key characteristics is greed as well as selfishness. Some of the pigs, such as Napoleon and Snowball, quarreled among themselves to be at the top of the "pyramid". Napoleon was unwilling to neither share power nor credit with Snowball, under any circumstances. Snowball seemed to have been on the "good side" of the farm, more genuinely in mind than Napoleon. Napoleon also diminished any possible outcries too occur, since the hounds were always by his side. "...three dogs who happened to be with him growled so threateningly,



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