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Animal Farm Case

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As Old Major started his speech, I stood in awe as he relayed his dream to us that chilly morning. As he spoke, I began thinking. I had never thought about how the farm would run without Jones owning us and making us work. What he was saying made so much sense, though I couldn't believe that this had just came to him when he was sleeping. This was very startling to me, though, because prior to this I had always believed that Old Major was very much in support of Jones. He was so old and never had to worry he was going to get killed. Jones was just going to let him live until he dies, unlike most of the animals. Then it came to me. Us pigs are the smartest animals on the farm. If it was a pig who thought of this, it would take a pig to run it. I could take up power, and run the rest of the animals. Nobody could stop me. None of the other animals would even realize what I was doing. They would just think I would be doing it for them. That would be a lie. I would do it for myself, so then I can get whatever I want and get anyone to do anything I wanted. I would never have to work again, and never have to worry about Jones either. My only problem would be the other pigs. Especially Snowball. He would be the only one to realize what I was doing. Also, he would want to share the power with me.



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