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Apple Case

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The second symphony was really enjoyable and I learned about from it. I couldn't get off work until 8 so I got there about 5 minutes late and when I got there I had to wait outside until the first piece was finish. So I was waiting with a couple of other late birds, watching the symphony play from the TV. So that taught me that no one is allowed to just walk in while the symphony is playing. I think that's a really good ideal because that keeps people from rudely walking around and interrupting. So when they finally finish I walked in and took my seat. I then sat there for a while and was wondering why it was taking so long for them to start the next piece and I then see the drummer walk over to the door and open it up. So every one burst out in laughter because it was funny to see the two main people were locked out from their own show. So it finally begins and the conductor starts off by telling us a story that goes back from 2000 years ago and took place in the gin dynasty. I believed he said it was a true story that he was telling us. It was about a young girl who dressed up as a boy so that she could attend school. Then she meets a boy and they become very good friends. She starts to fall in love with him but can't tell him. Then when the school year is over they had to part ways but she invites



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