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Apple Case

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Describe the recruiter traits and behaviors that would lead to the most successful recruiting campaign for Apple.Describe the recruiter traits and behaviors that would lead to the most successful recruiting campaign for Apple.

The case study shows that Apple has been doing an excellent job at recruiting new talent. Apple is a company that is very innovative and in it's lead, making sure that all levels of experience are covered by their recruiters, through the recruitment of people working for companies that manufacture similar products and therefore taking the experience as an asset to the company. Additionally, the company hired new engineers even when they don't have much experience, the company encourages talent and new ideas, the organization gives them proper training and opportunity to develop their talents. They like to hire people who were laid off from other companies or companies that were declared bankrupt. The fact that they do this makes them a organization and it's a win- win situation for both parties, because it allows the person to have employment and it gives Apple the talent they were searching for.

They have implemented several strategies to recruit employees, such as buying companies, hiring people from companies in bankruptcy, search via the internet pages specialized in new talent, Apple also found new talent in universities by offering internships. Students who come to do in job training get the experience and they became valuable part of the national workforce because many times these students continue to work for Apple, and these new talents the new generations have the responsibility to keep the company at the forefront in the technological field. Recruiters have the power to influence people to make a commitment to a specific organization, that is why their behavior and traits are important to the success of the company, we could say that Apple's recruiters are innovative, talented and have the futuristic vision of the company, why? Because that is what they are looking for, and they choose the workforce that is needed to fulfill the plans that they outlined for the company.

Suggest three (3) ways that Apple can effectively plan for HR resources. Rank in order of cost to implement.

Although I think any suggestion to Apple would be discarded, because a big company so successful, so cutting edge, you must have an HR department highly specialized, I dare, only for the purpose of this work, mention the following ways.

a. Conduct a needs analysis. Create job descriptions that list the associated skills, experience and competencies required to perform job tasks. Align the hiring strategy with the company's strategic goals. For example, cost-cutting objectives may dictate outsourcing administrative or Information Technology support roles to countries where individuals work for a lower wage than in the United States or other developed nations.

b. Identify the number of positions it is need to fulfill the organization's operational needs of producing products or services. If the intent is to hire a large number of individuals,



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