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Apple Case

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(Include history brief)

External analysis

* Facts of current situation of company

* Pest

* Market share

* Porter five forces

Internal analysis

* Marketing mix





The aim of the project is to find the company outline current situation addressing where and how they currently operate in home country market and globally with details market share of product ranges, pricing strategies, competitor analysis and the relevant key to the company and product. The company's impact on global market share.

Company Introduction

The company Apple was founded by two college friends Steve Wozniak, who was genius in technical fields and Steve jobs whose vision was to bring easy use computer to market in 1976.The company headquarter is located in Cupertino California .The company has approximately 72,800 full time employees according to the annual report September 29 2012.

Apple company is one of the most innovative technology company since last three decades who has bought products like Macintosh desktop, portables computers, iPod and the most recently iPhone in the market. Apple has its own style of designing and developing like digital music "iPod", online music stores "iTunes" and smart phone "iphone". Application used in the products of Apple are used to make user convinence" easy to use" which was the main vision of CEO founder of the Apple company.

Iphones is the combination of popular apple product ipod and smart phone which was design to surf the web through it. Iphone was designed with 3.5 inch screen which is touch sensitive that make consumer to make call, navigate their collection of music and write message on the virtual screen keyboard.

Iphone was launched on June 29 ,2007 and on the first week they sold around 500,000 units .(brinkle2007,cnn,2007,lee 2007)


External analysis

Facts of current situation of Apple I phone

Apple Company is the most innovative technology company to emerge in last few decades. At first in 2007 Apple Company introduced Iphone as the most sophisticated smart phone. Time magazine introduce Iphone as an innovation of the year as called "The phone that has changed phones forever". That time 16 gigabyte iphone sold for $499 and 8 gigabyte Iphone sold for $399.Apple managed to sold 270,000 iphone in the first 30 hours of its US debut. It shows that apple Iphone managed to cope market on its debut. Apple managed to sold 1.12 units of iPhone til the end of October 2007 and on one year from the launching iPhone til the next year it has overtake the market of selling more than 10 millions units of iPhone til 2008. Apple is operating its business in the geographic basis. Mostly company is operating segment is America, Europe, Asia. It has 390 retail stores in the world including home market USA. After home market USA, second key market of the iphone is China according to the fiscal year report 2012. While taking on recent performance of the company, according to the annual report 2012 of the apple company, net sales of iPhone was $80.5 billion, representing an increase of $33.4 billion or 71% compared to 2011. Total 125.0 million iPhone unit sold during 2012, representing an increase of 52.8 million units or 73% compared to 2011. The continues growth market of iphone shows the strong market demand of the iphone. Which leaded company to launch iPhone 4S in the first quarter of 2012 and iPhone 5 in the fourth quarter of 2012, ongoing demand for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, and expanded distribution with new carriers and resellers. Net sales of IPhone and related products were 51% and 43% of the Company's total net sales for 2012 and 2011, respectively.

Current sales of iPhone market share in usa and uk the second largest iPhone selling country.

The sales of iPhone was second comparative to the android sales of smart phone in Usa until the launch of iPhone 5. Still in the home country iPhone has the second position of smartphone on market share.

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech smartphone market share (US and UK) 12 weeks ending Sept. 30., 2012

The second biggest sales of iPhone on 2012 is in Uk .Though the first position on Uk was also the android but the growth rate of increasing demand of iPhone is increased with the rate of 9.9% than the competitive of android market in current situation.

Pest Analysis

Pest analysis is a tool to analyze the external factors which may affect the apple company. It helps determine the current situation of Apple iphone, identifying potential influences of the political, economic, social and technological factors and also have a glimpse into the future of Apple Company.


Political situation of the countries can make a huge different for the company being a multinational company apple must be aware about changes on governments policies, international laws.


Global economic conditions could significantly harmful affect the Company. Changes on tax policies, exchange rates can make a huge different for the apple Iphone. But the countries like China's economy are booming so it is a very favorable for the apple.

Socio cultural

.Iphone was design focusing on the vision of Steve jobs who was the CEO founder of Apple company vision "easy to use" combination of apple popular product ipod and smart phone used to surf the web. iPhone is design with high technology with function application focusing on the consumer needs so people who wants to change their way of living style ,loves fashionable luxury products ,sophisticated design phone will surely choose iphone



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