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Apple Case

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Essay Preview: Apple Case

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Apple continually redefines markets with its carefully designed products and breakthrough marketing communication campaigns. It has demonstrated an ability to take what is essentialiy an established technology (it was a late mover into the MP3 market) and turn it into a product such as the iPod that is so consumer focused that is has blown the market entrant.

Apple is no doubt trying to achieve the same thing with the iPhone. Although the South Korean mobile phone market is new territory for this MNC, it has proven its ability to compete in difficult and saturated markets, and perhaps the introduction of a truly convergent product will win over the South Korean public to this foreign market entrant.

The market entry strategy that an organization decides on will help to define the way in which it decides to distribute its product. However, regardless of the way in which it chooses to market its product, one of the key issues for Apple will be maximizing the distribution channels available to achieve a profitable and succeful entry.

How will choosing to go late into a market that has already embraced 3G technology affect the organization's ability to exploit all channels possible? Deciding whether to move early with the current model, or to wait for subsequent models to address the 3G issue, is a delicate choice.



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