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Cloning: For and Against Argumentative Essay

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Essay Preview: Cloning: For and Against Argumentative Essay

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For and Against Essay: Сloning

“To be or not to be…” In the last fifty years new forms of technology have been the center of attention for every human being. It seems that every day scientists come up with some new, perhaps even controversial, outstanding and unbelievable ways to improve the quality of modern life. These new technologies affect every aspect of life, as we know it. One of the most illustrative example is the research being done in the area of cloning.

Cloning can be defined as the production of genetic copies that can develop genetically identical human organisms. A cloned organism or a number of clones are formed using the same genetic material as in the original organism.

Animal Cloning is the process by which an entire organism is reproduced from a single cell taken from the parent organism. This means the cloned animal is an exact duplicate in every way of its parent; it has the same exact DNA but they are not identical twins with the parent organism. This is because they do not develop from the same fertilized egg rather the clone comes from a mature cell taken from the parent organism, ‘mother’.

In 1996, the announcing of the first cloned mammal sheep named Dolly gave rise to worldwide interest and concerns about the scientific and ethical implication cloning bring about. This caused in medical scientist the long to dig deeper into the mysteries of life and to desire to grasp a better knowledge of it. The more we know about animal cloning the better we understand the miracles of DNA, genes, chromosome and eventually life itself.

Although the first steps forward in cloning have brought a storm of protest, the experimental research should be studied to prolong the existence of human life.  

Nowadays the process of replication biological material of human beings and animals is a burning issue that represent the classical debate of morals and human rights and has both supporters and opponent.

Started with the first group, we can say that as most of people involved in the process of the significant improvement of different spheres of  human life such as scientists and doctors who are always in an endless search for the way of making the world better place and the cure for all deseases believe that it’s a great chance for humanity to become the winner in most of fights it usually face to.

First of all, we can say that  cloning has been very useful in genetic fingerprinting, amplification of DNA and alteration of the genetic makeup of many organisms. The greatest advantage of cloning is organ replacement. If for any reason a vital organ of the human can be cloned, it can serve as a backup system for many human beings. Organs such as a kidney or even the heart when failure occurs can be replaced with the cloned organ. And the most important part of it is that these cells, tissues and organs will be genetically compatible with the patient, and will not be rejected.



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