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Art Essay

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Art Essay

This weekly essay will address certain art key terms would are necessary to understand in order to be able to simply analyze all type of art such as paintings and/or sculptures, etc. These key terms are critical to determining what paintings are representational, nonrepresentational and/or abstract. If the reader is really interested novice connoisseur of art paintings is necessary to have a working art vocabulary which includes representational, nonrepresentational, abstract, style, iconography, and/or form. These art key terms are necessary because it will the art observer to appreciate the artist's purpose and/or meaning for their work. The essay will also include analysis of Virgin and Child by Dieric Bouts, 1455-60 which include its style, form and iconography.

There are few art key terms which a novice art observer must understand to enhance their art experience of paintings and/or sculptures. Style is an art term which consist of one or more characteristics that art observers recognize as being recurring, constant, and/or coherent in an artist's artwork. Style tries together the next three art terms which are representational, nonrepresentational, and/or abstract. Nonrepresentational and/or abstract are similar styles which consist of artwork portraying subject matter unrecognizable content to its art observers. You can think of nonrepresentational and/or abstract as hodge-podge mixture in artwork. Representational style which includes naturalism, realism, and/or illusionism; therefore, representational artwork is artwork produce in such a way to resembling our visible world so that art observers can recognize the subject matter imagery. The form of artwork is visible how the art looks to the art observers. Lastly, the iconography of the artwork is stating what did the artwork represents in the times in which it was created by its artist. Iconography of artwork would also include describing, identifying, and/or interpreting the subject matter in the artwork. If the novice artist observer can keep these key terms in mind when viewing artwork, the artwork will always hold new meanings when they view it over and over again.

I will do analysis of an art painting called "Virgin and Child by Dieric Bouts, 1455-60" which will entail discussing its style, form and iconography. First, the style of the "Virgin and Child by Dieric Bouts, 1455-60" is that of representational. The representational style can be further broken down into illusionism style which is definitely at play in this piece of artwork. An example of this illusory style can be seen how the softening of the paints seem to create heavenly aurora about this painting. Secondly, the form of the "Virgin and Child by Dieric Bouts, 1455-60" portrayed in the painting is heavenly love and/or tenderness shared between mother and her child. The painting portray



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