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Instant Writing

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Instant writing is something that any person who has an interest on literature. Just sit, listen yourself and write what you feel, what you think. It is post modern literature writing. Some insists on that this type of writing can not be a part of literature, only the traditional writing, for example novels, poems and even essays can be classified in literature. writing is something that everybody can do, but not everybody can do correctly. transferring emotions into words is so difficult that mostly people write their feelings in wrong ways and affairs go in a wrong way. that is why people have misunderstandings while messagig with short messaging services or chatting on internet. they can not show their body language and since they write their feelings and thoughts in wrong ways, the facing person can easily misunderstand the situation.

It can be said that instant writing can be developed, but it has a inside inspiration that makes itself stronger. writing is good, writing is elegat, writing is comfortable, writing is relaxing, and the most important thing is, writing makes someone feel special. Instant writing is easy and gives much more freedom because you dont have time limits, money considerations. Just write, if somenone wants to read it, just he or she finds your writing and reads it. If he or she do not like your art, just stops reading, that is all. there is no feedback and no punishment.everybody should try writing at least once. try it to feel special. nothing to de else, just try to write. sit down on your most comfotable chair, take a deep breath and write what you want. just feel the relaxation. you have a word to say, just say it. you will see, after finishing your writing, you will be a different person.



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