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Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer is nationwide known in crushing female's lives across the world, but what they don't know is that it can also affect men. This is very rare but it does happen, so stay alert. Well breast cancer usually will affect middle aged women, and the chances of being diagnosed with it will increase with age. By the age of 60 through 69 your chances of being diagnosed will be 1 of 29. Breast Cancer will affect most ethnicities the same, but will affect white people more and in studies in England 30 percent of women have breast cancer.

There are a lot of symptoms that will indicate that you have breast cancer, but usually it will be this large bump in your breast or a thickening tissue that's surrounding the tissue. Some others would include, bloody discharge from the nipple with an inverted nipple. A change of size or shape of the breast, or changes of skin overlapping such as dimpling. Redness of the skin or your breast skin feeling of the texture of an orange, with peeling or flaking will indicate you are a victim of breast cancer.

Usually it will affect women/men later on in their life. In most cases after age of 40 the risk factor of being diagnosed with breast cancer will keep increasing till around age 70. Breast cancer will affect older women, and in some rare cases young women or even men. This cancer will not affect babies or-teens and if so it is a very rare case, or if the teen is menstruating at an early age. To be of older age at giving first birth will increase risk or not having a baby at all.

Breast cancer victims can find treatment at many different hospitals. There's tons of different ways to try to cure or prevent the cancer. Patients will usually have an ultrasound to see if they are a victim of it. Later once figured out they will find treatment through biopsy which is a pretty long and hard process which usually leads to an "excisional" biopsy which includes taking the whole lump and extracting it from your chest. There's other ways to treat it like for example, Incisional, core, and Fine needle aspiration biopsies.

Breast cancer can be inherited through chromosomes or past family numbers but can also be increased by a number of factors. These factors include not having kids, or having your first born at an older age. Drinking alcoholic beverages increases the risk as well as just being white. To take estrogen or any type of hormone



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