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Falsified Reports to Show Cause of Breast Cancer

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Essay Preview: Falsified Reports to Show Cause of Breast Cancer

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Falsified reports to show cause of Breast Cancer

Falsified reports attempt to establish a cause for breast cancer to support the need for continued funding for research. Obesity and consumption of red meat is blamed, but other researcher's reports show there is no base foundation for breast cancer. Moderation along with exercise has shown the best way to avoid breast cancer.

The Borland (2011) website has suggested obese women are at a higher risk because of changes in hormone levels. Obesity weakens the immune system the body is unable to fight off bacterial infections. No report written can produce clear causes how obesity affects the immune system The Baker (2010) website researchers have suggested; when the body gains the weight it upsets parts of the system which reacts to foreign organisms. Reports have also suggested that because of increased hormones obesity can cause cancer. Borland (2011) "Women, which are dangerously overweight, are at a far higher risk even than those who drink heavily or smoke." The conflict in the same report states, when checking the hormone levels, there was no clear evidence, which shows obesity raises hormone levels or if hormone levels contribute to obesity. Further research on the claim, the evidence indicated women who have gone through menopause or have had hysterectomies which both require a hormone supplement could put that person at a higher risk rate when consuming red meat because of the contents of hormones. Researchers at the Cancer research foundation put out reports that should be questioned for reliable data. Cho, Sc.D. (2010), "We found that higher red meat intake may be a risk factor for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer among premenopausal women." In 2003, a research done by the Cancer Research foundation, using 90,659 females ages 26-46 in a long term project performed a study trying to connect between red meat and breast cancer. "Breast cancer the study associated with red meat consumption has been increasing." ("Stein, 2006) When the study found no evidence that red meat caused breast cancer, the researchers reduced the analysis to only using 512 of those women, which then would indicate an issue with breast cancer growth by hormones estrogen and progesterone. Evidence shows red meat contains hormones or growth hormones in the meat, which indicated this, could cause women to have too much estrogen, which could trigger cancer cells. The only evidence found in the reports released disputes that red meat causes breast cancer. The removal of 90,147 results to achieve the results needed made the findings undependable. "Those that have, including one large analysis that pooled data from eight studies, did not find any association." ("Sentry Health Monitors," 2006). Cancer research organization reported that obesity and the consumption of red meat does cause breast cancer, while other research reports dispute those findings. The solution could be, those women, who have to, take hormone drugs would be better off not taking the hormone pills and enjoy the red meat, those in their 20s to 40s before the normal menopause stage of life may choose to have their estrogen checked and eat red meat accordingly.

The American cancer society wants continued funding, and for that reason, falsified report showing conflicting information surface. Causes for breast cancer in released reports, states eating red meat and obesity is a cause, without proof they cause breast cancer. Experts send out reports right before or immediately after written by, Physicians and Staff with Phoebe's Cancer Center, Cancer Research Institute, Researchers in the Netherlands, to ensure more donations continues to be collected for such foundations as The Komen for a Cure Foundation. Research by those mentioned is said to be done not only to find a cure the funding continues to be needed to support the investigation to find risks in communities which have high exposure to chemicals, radiation, and certain viruses. The funds are to help to be more effective and develop more diagnostic tests and techniques of prevention of cancer. ("White House, 202-456-7150," 2001,) Released a report in 2010 announcing an unprecedented 56 percent funding increase for breast and prostate cancer research, which equals $27 million dollars, funds would be released along with other funding resources annually. The Komen for a Cure Foundation donates to other organizations with funds donated to the foundation by donor(s) believing money is needed to maintain the research for a cause and cure for breast cancer. The donor(s) do not receive information about a percentage of those donations given will then be donated to other companies. Companies such as Planned Parenthood, the Komen for a Cure Foundation indicated the $731,303.00 they donated in 2011 was less than one percent of funding received in that year. Planned Parenthood is only one of several companies, which Komen for a Cure Foundation gave a donation. People who contribute are unaware of how much of their contribution will not be used for research, and what percentage another organization will receive. The main concern with Komen for a Cure Foundation, giving donations to Planned Parenthood, is the facts of research have proven there is a 20 to 50 percent breast cancer risk when a woman has an abortion compared to going full term. When searching the monetary donation records to obtain the number of donations Komen for a Cure Foundation received in a year. Taking those totals and calculating the amounts which Komen for a Cure Foundation gives to other organizations, the amount is significant. How can there be donations available to be donated to other organization using money donated to find a cure? Because a cause and cure for breast cancer would result in no more donations needed, the results would be financial ruins, companies shutting down, the loss of jobs would promote



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