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Breast Cancer

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Genetic diseases are a wide spread .Cancer is a genetic disease and it is a growth epidemic around the world. It has been long time since it has discovered as a mortality disease. According to the American cancer society (2011) cancer had discovered in ancient Egypt back to about 3000 BC. On those old days people used to understand, it comes from bad spirits." It is an epic tale that follows the concepts of illness from the work of evil spirits or offended Gods to the result of identifiable physical causes and healing arts from mysticism to the tools of modern science"( Denogan p,1).

In the ancient Egypt around 3000bc people concluded that there was not treatment of cancer. However, people were not satisfied with this conclusion as the incidence of breast cancer growth quickly ; they always had a great desire to know more about it .In the early 15th century scientists begun to understand the development of human body, Galileo and Newton were the first scientists who were begun to use scientific method (American Cancer Society, 2011).

With the development of technology people became more creative to solve out this difficulty and scientists were playing a vital role on finding out treatment of cancer. With the invention of microscope, scientist can able to see all the smallest cells of human body. This helps them to identify the disease, since 19th century until now they have made a big change with the aid of technology (microscope) and this contribute a significant role on saving millions life.

The smallest particles of human body are cell and they have different kind of function. Those cells are replaced when they became old or injured by replication at varying rates depending on the part of the body. The replication process is regulated by gens that code for proteins which increase or decrease the rate of division. Some times this process goes wrong. New cells form when the body does not need them and old or damage cells do not die as they should. The building of extra cells often forms a mass of tissue called tumor and this growth to breast cancer ( National Institutes of Health, n.d). The initial begins of breast cancer is in the cell which are the milk production ducts and in the milk glands lobules.

Even though the cause of breast cancer is not fully known as it was mentioned on the previous paragraph breast cancer can cause by abnormal growth of cell also there are several substances that increase certain risk of breast cancer, such as drinking alcohol, smoking and other substances. According to American cancer society (2010) people who consume more alcohol have higher risk of developing certain types of cancer. Therefore, avoiding drinking more alcohol can reduce the risk of breast cancer. In addition research reveal that active and passive smoking can contribute on increasing of breast cancer.



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