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Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer

I took the breast cancer health assessment through the University of Phoenix Life Resource Center. The results from the health risk assessment estimated my risk for developing breast cancer on a scale of average women. It also makes you aware of which factors may contribute to my risk and what can do be done to reduce these factors. I can also take more cancer risk profiles. This will create a picture of a specific cancer and what action I can take to reduce my chances of developing cancer. Through years of research and testing there has not been a cure for breast cancer. Breast cancer is caused by a malignant tumor or a group of cancer cells that starts in the breast producing milk in the glands. This tumor invades the normal tissue of the breast and spreads throughout distant areas of the body. This disease is known to attack women but men can get this disease as well. According to, about 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop cancer over the course of her lifetime. The lifetime risk for a man is 1 in 1,000 (U.S. Breast Cancer Statistics, 2012).

There are many risk factors that may increase your chances of developing breast cancer such as family history, genetics, age, women, and weight to name a few. Some risk factors are controllable and others are not in our control. Weight is a factor that can be controlled by you. Being overweight can increases your risk for breast cancer. Proper diet and exercise can help reduce your risk. This does not eliminate you from developing this disease but it can reduce the risk. As a woman ages it plays a greater role in developing breast cancer. A 35 year old woman with no kids can put her at a higher risk. Family history and genetics are not controllable risk factors. If someone in your family such as your grandmother, mother, or sister had or has breast cancer you can be at a higher risk for developing breast cancer. Genetics and heredity is an important factor in cancer research. Certain genes mutations passed on from a mother to child can present a risk factor. BRCA1 or BRCA2 are the most common gene mutation that can increase your chances of breast cancer and other cancers.

There were seven risk categories that were used to estimate my chances of developing cancer. Compared to typical women my age my risks of developing breast cancer are very much below average. These results are just an estimate. This does not mean there are no risks associated with developing breast cancer. The assessments recommend, I keep up my current healthy lifestyle and adopt additional behaviors to lower any further risk. I can monitor my breasts monthly by performing a self-breast to check for any changes. Controlling my weight has had the biggest effect in breast cancer prevention. Fat tissue produces estrogen which can cause breast tissue to become malignant. I am currently taking the steps that are necessary to achieve



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