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Bus 150 - Employee and Healthy Safety

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Essay Preview: Bus 150 - Employee and Healthy Safety

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Silvana Di Diana

June 17, 2017

BUS 150-002

Project #1

Over the years, people have been investing in stocks as a great method of trying to grow their money. If one chooses a good company and does the correct research, it has been proven that a person can make more money than they put into it.

        If I was fortunate enough to have $5,000 to invest in stocks, I would start by investing in Google. Google has grown to become one of the largest publicly traded companies in the world. Google is the dominant search engine pretty much everywhere but China. Google tech giant is typically estimated to control a two-thirds or greater share of the U.S. search market, and that figure is supposed to rise in the years to come. In my opinion, everyone and anyone can use google every day and this website is important to our society. Googles current stock price is 975.22 US dollars. Pichai Sundararajan, also known as Sundar Pichai, is an Indian American business executive. Pichai is the CEO of Google since 2015. He is a young man who is determined to making Google stay as the number one search engine in our world. I believe in this company so I would for sure invest in this stock.

        If many years ago I would have invested in an apple stock, I would have lost a lot of money. However, now Apple is one of the greatest companies to invest in because they are always making money. Today the technology giant stands at record highs, and its shares have total annual returns above 35% over the last 15 years. Apple is coming up with such new great technology, that is making customers consume so much more. Lately apple has come up with Apple watches that has everyone loving the product even more. Later this year, Apple will be unveiling the latest iteration of this cultural icon, the iPhone 8, and some people think the results could be huge. With so many ways to be  growing  in the future, Apple's stock should be considered a buying opportunity. Tim Cook is the company’s CEO and is doing an amazing job to “wowing” the crowd. The current price on apples stock is 146.34 US dollars.

        My entire life I have been using Google for absolutely everything I do. I find Google useful and helpful to my everyday life. In the future, I see Google being as popular as it is now. Also, Apple continues to amaze me with every new product they come out with. They always have high quality top of the market features that I love to use. I see these two companies taking over the future.



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