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Business Ethic Case

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Essay Preview: Business Ethic Case

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Business Ethics - Essay

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Something`s Happening Here 1

Introduction 1

Summary 1,2

Own Opinion 2

Own Opinion 2,3

Appendix 3

Something's Happening Here


Due to the fact that the nowadays economic and ecologic situations are very difficult, people are looking in an uncertain future. The gap between the poor and the rich is getting bigger and bigger and it is very hard to find qualitative solutions.

Thomas L. Friedman is an American journalist and he wrote a lot about foreign affairs, some of them are global affairs and environmental issues. One very important article is: "Something's Happening Here".


The text is about two main theories: "The Great Disruption" and "The Big Shift". The first theory is about demonstrations, occurred because of the market-growing- obsessed system reaching its ecological limits. According to Gilding, the system will break down. In Occupying Wall Street the demonstrators wanted to achieve e.g.: that the richer people would be more taxed. People are getting promises, but they were not adhered. The capitalistic system tries to implant the fact, that everyone would live a better live if we let the system work.

But the reality is completely different. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. Even for well educated people it is very hard to find suitable job. Parents get worried because of their kids future. People realize, that it could not continue like this anymore. So they occupy and protest against the system.

John Hagel believes that the world is moving into a stage of "Big Shift" which leads in the end to comprehensible protest movements, because of deteriorating performance and growing stress. Home countries should educate their best talents to unleash new ideas, innovations and new market opportunities. People should work together to learn faster and to improve better.

On the other side nowadays it is easier to obtain more talented individuals, because of the technological improvements and on the other hand, less educated people now can get a better education over the internet, worldwide.

Gilding and Hagel are both optimistic. They believe that a crisis could be managed with humanity and when everyone is involved. Gilding thinks "The Great Disruption" is unpreventable and Hagel that the "Big Shift" would create a world where more people than ever have the tools, talents and potential to head it off.

Own Opinion:

From my point of view, it is very important to find a compromise between the two theories. It is essential that the globalisation



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