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Ethics Case

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Businesses along with organizations should behave and act in a way that mirrors a social

and ethical responsibility. Every stakeholder desires to have an appropriate return on his or her

investments. A major concern of shareholders is to capitalize on profits, thus, organizations,

which strive for maximizing their earnings, lean towards to redefining the companies' missions

and strategies. Strategic leaders recognize the significance of social accountabilities, identifying

appropriate truths of the business's claimants (Pearce & Robinson, 2011). Strategic leaders need

to identify in-house shareholders plus shareholders in addition to their employees. Strategic

leaders must consider, outside party such as contractors, government, local group of people, in

addition to the community (Pearce & Robinson, 2011).

Incorporating social responsibilities into any company missions is not always an easy

process. Any organization that incorporates the wellbeing of internal and external stakeholders

into its mission statement must consider the following four steps:

1). Identify all internal and external stakeholders. 2). Understand the expectation and needs of

stakeholders 3). Prioritize all stakeholders' expectation and needs plus the reconciliation of

stakeholders' claims. 4). Coordinate any claims, expectations, and any needs, along with the

mission of the company (Pearce & Robinson, 2011).

Companies need to recognize that when incorporating any social responsibilities into their

mission can cause an unforeseen impression for any companies' success. Winning the loyalty of

growing legions of consumers require new alliances and strategies in this day and tine. (Pearce &

Robinson, 2011). Additionally, companies are now required comply fully with all general, civil

and criminal laws. Therefore, leaders must consider the law all legal accountabilities to avoid

companies from any type of social scandals. Companies may also gain a superior financial

performance because of the ethical concepts they monitor. Therefore, since organizations have

internal and external stakeholders, external stakeholders typically do not have financial interests,

however strategic leaders must understand



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