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Can We Talk

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Couples create strong bonds through communication, not as much through mutual

understanding, so it is important that on a daily basis couples express themselves. "For people to

communicate, someone must first take initiative and make contact with the other person," (Sole,

2011). The fact that we have communicated from the time we were born does not mean that we

have mastered the art. To ensure that intended points are properly interpreted we need to learn

suitable listening and communication skills. We can strengthen old skills as well as acquire new

skills. To ensure that long-lasting relationships are formed, we need to have effective use of the

communication skills. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. The better a couple

communicates the better their self-disclosure will be. Trusting and showing affection will

become much easier if you communicate about everything.

The first real relationship that I had, I chose to disclose the most intimate details of my

life, because I wanted us to be closer. That was very difficult for me because I was not in the

habit of sharing my personal information with people I had not known for a long time.

Self-disclosure can be very informative to your partner in your relationship, because it

may explain some of the actions, thoughts, or ideas that you may have. Explaining your

aspirations and goals with your partner will help them understand what you want to do with your

life. Schoenberg states, men need more affective affirmation than women do. (Schoenberg,

2011) I feel that men are more of sexual creatures than affection. Women are more verbal in

employing their ideas and plans, whereas men are more affirmative when it comes to developing

and confirming their aspirations. I do not agree with some of the generalizations made in the

article. I am vocal on what I want out of life and I try very hard to accomplish what I set out to

do. I am of the believe that if you want to have a solid relationship with your partner, you must

learn to express yourself daily, and not just assume that your partner understands what you are




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