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Career Professionalism Paper

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My name is Vaishnave. I'm in the final year of my Diploma in hospitality and resort management in Nanyang Polytechnic. For the past four months, I have gained professional experience by taking part in Disney's International College Program. The first three months were spent in the merchandise department in Disney's All Star Resort. Currently, I'm in the quick service food and beverage department. It gives me much satisfaction and happiness in meeting and providing service to guests from all over the world. After graduation, I would like to pursue my career in the hospitality industry. My dream job is to be a marketing manager of a resort which requires a certain set of skills and traits to better meet the expectations of the job.

Nature of the job

* Plan, develop, implement, and evaluate effectiveness of marketing campaigns, promotions. Maintain records of campaign effectiveness.

* Interface with sales, advertising & eCommerce to develop and produce marketing/promotional materials and other sales/marketing tools for target market/regional sectors.

* Collaborate with internal business units, regional sales offices, external partners, corporate communications and other marketing teams to develop and implement effective strategies for increasing market share throughout source markets.

* Works with Sponsorship & Events department to manage direct/indirect advertising campaigns with partners.

* Hold regular meetings with front line teams ensuring they are familiar with current campaigns, offers and can confidently discuss with guests.

* Attend regular meetings with various business units and document concepts, follow up action items, requests etc.

* Prepare comprehensive briefs and manage creative development timeline for campaigns & promotions with Creative Services department.

* Manage marketing budget/forecast for the Destination Marketing department, and ensure expenditure drives business objectives.

* Analysis of market and competitive trends, strong understanding of client database/target markets to drive closer guest relations.

* Must be an independent, results oriented creative thinker.

* Able to operate within tight deadlines under high pressure situations.

* Excellent time management; high attention to detail.

* Excellent verbal and written communication skill (English and Mandarin preferred).

* Confident and flexible to work with various



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