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Career Paper

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Throughout the class, the Career Plan exercises helped me review my interpersonal qualities and skills and provided a way to analyze these features in helping or hindering me in my chosen career path. From the Career Profiler assignment, I gathered that I'm artistically inclined, realistic in point of view and conventional in my practices. I agree with those conclusions due to the self-evaluation I frequently do to myself so I can assess my personal growth. Next, from the Competencies assignment, I was assessed in order of my strengths from organizing skills, delivering results, writing, logical thinking, adapting to changes and finally, cooperating. Lastly, from the Work Culture exercise I learned that my ideal workplace environments are supportive, well-resourced and high powered. These exercises were crucial in showing me three separate points of view of my personality and ideal work environments.

Finally, similarly to the different employment possibilities shown by the work competencies, the work culture exercise also provided me with types of jobs that fit my personality and preferences. Fields with the characteristics of being supportive, well-resourced and high powered are the legal and medical fields and retail work. These fields provide a structured set of goals expectations to be reached and results to be achieved, as well as having the resources to produce a higher standard work.

By using the answers from each exercise, analyzing the results and weighing in the readings and assignments from this class, I'm able to see that when focusing on the minor points of communication, such as credibility, cultural diversity, and persuasion abilities to send and receive important messages. I feel that the information provided in this class will help me not only in my career path but also in my everyday life, by letting me critically analyze resources and conversations in my personal life.



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