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Child Abuse Research Paper

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Essay Preview: Child Abuse Research Paper

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In today's society, children are supposed to be protected and nurtured by their parents or guardians. Children often tempt their elders patience, making them upset in some circumstances. In some cases, it is understandable to give a child a good spanking for misbehaving. It is not acceptable when those spanking's turn into everyday physical or emotional abuse to a child. Child abuse is hurting or harming a child in any way. Child abuse happens all over the world no matter what culture or ethnic group you are. Mishandling a child is a very serious matter that is rapidly growing in the United States. Child abuse is not only abusing a child physically but also sexually, and/or emotionally.

One of the scariest aspects of child abuse is that a family member or close friend is usually the one that mistreats a child. There are substantial amounts of causes of child abuse. However, the two main causes of child abuse is the use of drugs or alcohol by a parent or guardian. "Research has demonstrated that children of substance abusing parents are more likely to experience abuse-physical, sexual, or emotional-or neglect than children in non-substance abusing households" (Child Welfare Information Gateway par 1). In this dangerous circumstance, children are often left to bare the crisis of neglect often found in a household where one or more parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol. For example, "The basic needs of children, including nutrition, supervision, and nurturing, often go unmet due to parental substance abuse, resulting in neglect" (Child Welfare Information Gateway par 2).

All though children may have visible signs of abuse, it is not likely for a child to openly express his or her emotion about being abused. In many cases, when a child is sexually abused the guilt that they anguish is so immense that they often do not tell anyone. "In the case of sexual abuse, secrecy and intense feelings of shame may prevent children and adults aware of the abuse, from seeking help" (Hopper 1). For many children, when being abused their whole mentality changes as a sign to show others. "A child may be afraid of Adults and may cry when having to go home" (Child Welfare Information Gateway par 1).

Sexual abuse is the misconduct of a child by an adult for gratification. Sexual abuse includes touching of inappropriate areas, and rape. People that sexually abuse their children are sometimes doing it for the simple fact that they are not getting enough pleasure from their spouse. "The abuser usually has a sexually dysfunctional or unsatisfying relationship with their partner; sexual relations may be violent or inadequate or non-existent, and the child becomes a convenient substitute" (Hopper 1). Both boys and girls are victims of sexual abuse. "One in six American women and one in thirty-three men are victims of sexual assault.

Physical abuse is physical force or violence upheld to a child, which results in bodily injury, pain, or impairment. It includes assault, battery, and inappropriate restraint. There are many signs of physical abuse, including broken bones or sprains, and bruising of any kind. For Example, "The following types of bruises are rarely accidental: Bilateral bruising to the arms indicates that the person had been shaken, grabbed, or restrained "Wrap around" bruises that encircle an older person's arms, legs, or torso may indicate that the person has been physically restrained" (Anetzberger 1). As one can see, physical abuse is the only type of abuse where bystanders can visible see signs of abuse.

Emotional and verbal abuse is the same type of abuse. Emotional abuse is when a parent uses a less violent way of mistreating a child. "Verbal abuse is an attack on a child's emotional and social development, and is a basic threat to healthy human development" (Newton 2). There are many types of emotional abuse, which include harassment and isolation. Harassment is belittling a child causing them to fear the adult. This often leads a child to loose self-confidence, and become timid in certain situations. Isolation is when a parent causes a child to drift away from society. In most cases, this is harmful because it does not allow a child to correspond with the bonding of friendship. "Isolating a child, or cutting them off from normal social experiences, prevents the child from forming friendships and can lead to depression" (Newton 2). Not only does isolation cause depression, but it also causes children to grow up with anxiety and depicts them of social development. "Isolating a child seriously impairs their intellectual, emotional and social development" (Newton 2). Harassment and Isolation are just two of the many corruptions that children bear through emotional abuse.

One of the main aspects of child abuse is neglect. Neglect is failing to provide care for a child in terms of food, shelter, clothes, education and medical assistance. Believe it or not, neglect is the most commonly reported child abuse. As stated, "Sixty-three percent of all substantiated cases of child abuse are neglect, and is the most

common form of child maltreatment reported to child protective services" (Rainn 2). In resent years the number of child neglect has increased dramatically. According to the NIS, "The estimated number of children who experienced harm from abuse and neglect increased 67 percent" .

It is with out a doubt, that the effects of child abuse go way beyond the physical aspect of the situation. Children that get abused often do not understand why they are getting hurt and often suffer from



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