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Research Paper - Alchohol Usage

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Essay Preview: Research Paper - Alchohol Usage

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Social marketing campaign has been launched in college campus level in order to prevent risks due to high usage of alcohol. Campaign mainly targets on young school children who can advise to their friends about vehicle accidents due to usage of alcohol as well as attempts to provide an accurate view about the reality of alcohol consumption among their peers and reduce the misperception because of high alcohol usage. According to research and survey statistics which are conducted by health institute and magazine over college students, publication revealed bad consequences of alcohol consumption such as high damage injuries and spread diseases due to unprotected sex. Authors who conducted survey has been categorized among men and women alcoholic consumers as binge, non-binge, and frequent binge drinkers.

Youth are sprit of society so in order to protect them there are varies kind of lows and regulation has been introduced. As well as government increased price of alcohol, media campaign, posters, email, advertisement and education program to put full stop mark to that social menace. Social norm campaigns are very useful to make change peers attitude and behavior. Those social norm campaigns apply marketing mix and identify the target group as college university student s and give core message as healthy strong youth by illuminating usage of alcohol.

Social norms marketing posters were displayed for continuous two year semesters from 2004 to 2006 at varies location of campus premises such as lecture halls, dining halls and night club etc. In order to identify value and how achieve target market though poster, check list of questioners is prepared and distributed among university students. According to survey statistics, four hundred and fifty four students were responded to questioners and among that 52% of students have seen poster. Result indicted 43% of readers encourage their friends not to drink and drive.



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