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Causes of World War 1

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There were many causes to WWI as well as significant events that happen during it that helped shape the U.S. into what it is today. World War 1 also known as the “The Great War” began on July 28, 1914. Because Austria declared on Serbia, the war started. The conflict going on between these two countries spread that many other countries started to join because of the alliances that they had made. Through it all America remained neutral, because they felt the conflict was too risky. However they soon later joined the war because Germany kept attacking American ships. The Zimmerman Telegram greatly affected Americas neutrality. Arthur Zimmerman sent a coded letter on behalf of Germany to Mexico to telling them to take over U.S. land and form a secret alliance if the U.S. ever declares war. This plan had failed because Mexico did not agree to this deal which also caused America to become very angry. America officially entered the war in 1917, joining the allies. Many of the men went to fight in the war causing women to take there place in their jobs. This war effected women’s rights greatly. On November 11, 1918 the leaders from both alliances signed a peace treaty which included an organization called the “League of Nations” created by President Woodrow Wilson. He wanted this organization to work for peace, however there was a change in plans and the U.S. did not join the League of Nations. All in all, this war had a colossal impact on the world today.



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