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Cd Paper

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Through the interview with Mrs Ho's, we found that her empowerment level has been raised by the social worker. It is because Mrs Ho did not join any social action at the beginning. After a few times of invitation from the social worker, she was more willing to join the social action as she understands that if she does not join the action, no one will be willing to join. However, her level of participation still not fully maximise. It is because she does not want to become the leader of the group. She just wants to participate in the action.

There are a lot of limitations that affect Mrs Ho to join the social action. Mrs Ho is a full time housewife who spends most of the time taking care of her two little children and doing housework. She uses her only free time to join the social action or meeting. The social worker should provide better environment which is beneficial to the participant. For example, the social worker should provide some nursery services to Mrs Ho so she could be relax when joining the social action. These also reduce the personal pressure burden.

In the interview with Mrs Ho, she mentioned that parents know their own needs for the family, however the government do not. Although the government is working and is carrying out systems, these systems do not suit Mrs Ho's family needs. She suggests the government to do more surveying to collect ideas.

Besides, the social worker makes all the decisions for them such as decide to meet the government official member. In fact, member like Mrs Ho has the ability to make an appointment or decide whether or not to meet which government official member. However, decision making was all done by the social worker, so members are like simply following a leader, doing what the leader told them to do. And it seems that the members do not have their own thoughts and are willing to go with what the social worker decided. According the Empowerment, Participation and Strengths perspective model, the social worker still not find out the strength perspective within the group member. The social worker just wants to rush to the task goal and ignore the processes. This cannot maximise the member's strength.



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