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Charles Dickens and Pip Social Class, Education Important Now

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Essay Preview: Charles Dickens and Pip Social Class, Education Important Now

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Illardena Gómez

Kimberly López

Nolvia Hernández

Facilitator:  Iris Vallecillo

Reading and Writing Workshop

Date: November 29th, 2017

Charles Dickens and Pip social class, education important now.

      Where the country as a whole moved ever more forward in to the country we know today. Named after the ruling queen of that period, Alexandria Victoria, and lasting from 1837 ( the year he was crowned queen)  to 1901 ( the year she died), her reign at 63 years and seven month  made her not only the longest living march by for, but also the  longest living queen in human history. Charles John Huffman Dickens British writer every failure teaches man something he needed to learn, he was born in February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth, in the boson oh humble family. Some of John Dickens clerk of the navy Pagaduria the port arsenal of the Portsmouth and the Elizabeth Barrow. He spend, most of his childhood in London and Kent, place that appeared frequently in his works. He began attending school at nine years of age, but his studies were interrupted when his father, a small civil Servant who was imprisoned in 1824 for no paying his dents. When he was eleven years old, he had to go work at the London Company. In the novel Great expectation the character Pip Resembles Charles Dickens in many aspects; both of them belong to the low social class, they did not have complete formal education, finally Pip as a well a Charles Dickens  manage to change their life’s, through hard work and social connections.

        In the Victorian age time period is known for its hierarchy based social order. Victorian Society was a class a based. You can see the various nobility tittles in Britain, Therefore, the Victorian middle class not only would lose their jobs and have to find another but, they had complete with immigrants for work In the novel the main character Charles Dickens and Pip lead a similarities life, for example Both of them belong to the low social class; Charles Dickens from a very early age knew what the job was

                                                                                                                         Gómez, López, Hernández 2

because his family did not have the necessary resources to have a good quality of life that made him emigrate to another city where he was going to present better opportunities economically, which would make him belong to another social class. Pip He was sent by his sister to Miss Havisham a lady who had a better social class than he. Pip was sent to work as Estella. Estella, being from a higher social class, treated badly to Pip because he was from a low social class.                                                                                 

I was dismissed and told to return in six days’ time Estella was ordered to give me something to   eat, which she did some bread and meat I felt as if I were a dog being fed all the hurt and humiliations made my tears fall when Estella saw my reddened eyes, a smile of delight came to her face, and she gave her head a toss of contempt. (Page 56)

        The Victorian Era takes the rules of propriety very seriously it is who we are out cast in proper society. The educating of young women would not be complete without the of refined deportment teaching social living and decorum is as much a literature and other academic subject there have been many books written to instruct both the young women and men on the proper conduct and decorum is not only a measure of social stating and success but was necessary to be looked upon as a mean of entering the growing upper classes. Charles and Pip began to study when they were already a teenager because they did not have a complete formal education, Charles Dickens had the opportunity to move to another city to have better opportunities in the educational field and develop as a professional Pip to have a life totally transformed and formed over time with education he was able to obtain better changes in his life and have a better position and better development as a person.

My instructions are to inform you that eventually you will come into property and money the person from whom these riches will come wants you to be ready and able to use them .Therefore this person wishes you to be educated and brought up as gentlemen, with great expectations of wealth page (page 82)

                                                                                                                         Gomez, Lopez, Hernandez 3

       In Victorian age the different social classes can be and were by the class themselves distinguished by   inequalities in such areas as power, authority .wealth working and living conditions life styles life century span education religion and culture early in nineteenth century labels working class and middle classes were already coming into common usage.  The old hereditary, aristocracy, reinforced by the new gentry who owed their success to commerce industry and professions evolved life during the Victorian was also met with positive change fertility rates soared while mortality rates decreased. Indeed, it was a time where the population exploded into 30 million mark and for the first time in Britain’s history, no major epidemic occurred thanks to the environment standards and the discoveries and advancements made a nutrition medicine also helped increasing the average lifespan. Charles and Pip have The benefit of working with influential people in the field of social connection, because finally Pip as a well a Charles Dickens  manage to change their life’s, hard work and good social connections Charles and Pip had to work hard to get ahead regardless of obstacles that got in their way not having total control of their life’s being people who only learned from others was a period of their life very hard for them to be able to excel professionally and academic depending of a job and working for higher class to which they belonged through work knew how to value each of their efforts being work one of the main thing to excel in the environment that surrounded them both had different connections for progress in their life’s these two characters having connections in the economic field also knew how to develop in the field of business having a great prospect of economy and vision of their lives in a near future having the idea of how to develop in different areas of their lives. Staying always and at all times in their ideologies and meet each of their proposed goals, being clear that work is the fundamental basis of success.



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