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The Relationship Between Social Class and Education

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Essay Preview: The Relationship Between Social Class and Education

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what is the correlation between social and education? does social class affect a child's learning potential and life chances? this paper will further explore these questions in details in the following paragraphs.

children of low class status tend to live in neighbourhoods categorized has bad. with the lack of financial support, they also tend to attend schools with questionnable reputation. this in turn affects their learniong ability. children of low social staus are pften stereotyped as being bad because lets face it, if they live in a bad neighbourhood they must be bad, right? wrong. it is true that the social status of your parents as a child affects children's life chances and opportunities. this does not mean that all poor children are meant to fail. some do actually make it because they work hard and are quite intelligent. Usually, the lower the social class, the worse the education is.

For example, inner city schools are usually considered 'bad' and the people who live in the inner city are usually of lower middle-class or just lower class.

Inner city kids are usually considered 'bad' and stereotypically are thought to belong to gangs and whatnot. The relationship can cause people to stereotype you before they even know you or cause you to believe you have to live up to the stereotype put on you.

On the opposite side, the Well-to-Do kids have too much in the way of parental involvement. Parents are over-involved to the point where it inhibits their children's growth. I have known where parents have either bribed or threatened teachers in order to make sure their kids get good grades.

I have taught both ends of the spectrum from At-risk schools to the upper crust. No matter of color, creed or nationality, the problems are the same. It's just a different verse of the same song. These well-to-do kids have low self esteem because they have everything done for them or nothing done for them. They want for nothing except for the most important thing "love". Love of parent and love of self.



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