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Childhood Experience - a Personal Essay

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                        Essay On Childhood Experiences

        Each and every person has his or her own set of experiences of life. Some people find it hard to talk about their past experiences; while others find pleasure in telling people about the unforgettable moments in their childhood that have had an impact in lives they live today. As for me, my childhood memories and experiences were some of the most exciting but at the same time challenging events in my whole life. Like a butterfly, I felt that my life was filled with potentials, and I needed to fly out there and explore them. As a child, I felt like a little bee yearning to get out of the beehive to explore the world and what it had to offer. Every person tends to have fear for something that makes them paralyzed on the spot when they are in the presence of that thing. I happen to have fear of heights. This is the story of my childhood that shaped who I am today.

        As a child I was very quiet and extremely shy which made it somewhat difficult for me to approach and make friends with others. I remember one time when I was playing video games on my playstation 3 with my childhood best friend, Aaron, and we were both in my bedroom which was on the second floor of our house. In our backyard, there was a very big tangerine tree that was in season, and it had many fresh tangerine, that I always wished I could pick from my bedroom. Whenever I was seated on my bedroom window, I was just a few inches away from the fruits. I remember asking my mom if I could jump from the window to the tangerine tree to pick the fruits; I did not want to go through the hustle of going down stairs then climbing the tree for me to get the fruits. My mom, with her stern but loving voice, warned me not to try jumping through the window, to the top of the tangerine tree. She said, “Listen to me; you will only get injury by jumping through the window”. Although I knew I had this fear of heights, Aaron always make fun of me for my fear of height, which made me want to have the courage to overcome this fear. Aaron kept on telling me that it would be fun to jump on the tree like a monkey. I visualize myself as a monkey jumping on top of the tree; it sounded fun and I was suddenly had the courage and made me want to jump onto the tree, partially because I wanted to prove Aaron that I was not afraid anymore.

        Like any other spoilt child who is determined to do things we weren’t allowed to do, I disregarded and ignored my mom’s advice. Seeing that her attention was not on us, I made a little deal with Aaron, to go out and stand below the tangerine tree to hold me in case I miss a step and fall off of the tree. My mom saw me attempting to jump onto the tree and quickly ran out of the house, and as soon as she ran right below the tree, I jumped. And guess what happened; I missed the tree by a few inches, fell and landed right on top of Aaron’s head, and we both fell down immediately. We were lucky enough that we did not get any serious injuries. Can you imagine what would have happened if Aaron wasn’t below the tree, I would really have sustained serious brain damages. Now, that is what you call the consequence of not obeying your parents. You can pretty much imagine the reaction of my mom like how any other mother would, she was yelling when she saw me; she thought that I was badly injured. She came right where we fell and held me tight, I could tell that she was sobbing, but at the same time happy and glad that nothing serious have happened to me.



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