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Police Paper for Criminal Justice

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Essay Preview: Police Paper for Criminal Justice

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Principles for Police Chiefs

I would rank the 10 principles of the community-oriented police chief as follows.

1. Educator, motivator, and trainer- You need a chief that can educate, motivate and train other police officers to become good police officers.

2. Leadership- to be able to step to step up to plate and take control as the leader to pretty some it up they need to be a dynamic leadership that can motivate others.

3. Policy Maker- must be able to stick to their guns and come up with some new policies that can help their community.

4. Commitment- to be true there selves and the men and women they work with and also the community.

5. Role Model- to stay out of trouble (not to on the take) so that the young cops and children look up to you.

6. Style- I would say it would the style that you handle the police officers and community.

7. Power Sharing- to let other join in with and get to shine.

8. Change- to always have an open mind and to be able to accept new changes.

9. Disciplinarian- enforces order

10. Ombudsman- one that investigates, reports on, and helps settle complaints.

I would have to pick leadership (community oriented policing book). Leadership is the most important skill a police chief must have to be successful under the community- oriented policing. With leadership comes the many years of doing that job like being a police man or women for 30 years and becoming a chief of police you bring with you the knowledge.

Situational Leadership:

1. Make an overview per employee of his/her tasks

2. Assess the employee on each task

3. Decide on the leadership (management) style per task

4. Discuss the situation with the employee

5. Make a joint plan

6. Follow-up, check and correct

Strengths of the Situational Leadership model.

■Easy to understand

■Easy to use

Limitations of the Situational Leadership model. Disadvantages

■Model fails to distinguish between leadership and management. What is called leadership style is really management style.

■Leadership is not primarily about making decisions anyway - it is about inspiring people to change direction.




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