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Criminal Justice

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This assignment supports the following outcomes:

* Demonstrate the communication process.

* Demonstrate intrapersonal and interpersonal communication.

* Identify instances of nonverbal communication.

* Demonstrate effective listening skills.

* Research, compose, and deliver oral presentations utilizing technological aids.

* Appreciate the importance of effective communication techniques.


For this assignment you will complete a report on a topic of your choice as well as present your report to the class and critique the presentations of your peers.

Written Report

Choose a topic that interests you and that you would like to explore. Write a 3-5 page report on the topic that contains at least three research sources.

Use MLA or APA format when citing sources within your report. Additionally, provide a Works Cited Page at the end of your report that lists all of your sources.


Develop a 5-10 minute presentation based on your report. In the presentation you must

* Use technology to present your material.

* Present material in an organized and professional manner.

* Cite your research sources verbally within your presentation.

* Have a question and answer period.

At the end of your presentation you must identify what you feel are the main communication techniques you used in this assignment and state why you feel effective communication techniques are important.

Peer Critique

Critique your peers as they give their presentations. Address the following:

* Discuss the overall effectiveness of the speech for each speech you critique.

* Identify 2-3 instances of nonverbal communication for each speech you critique.

* Write down 1-2 questions about the material that you can ask the presenter for each speech you critique.


* Submit a completed written report, typed, including a works cited page.

* Give your presentation to the class utilizing technological aids.

* Participate in peer critiques.

Grading Criteria

The Final Report and Presentation Grading



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