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Club It Paper

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Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada have an exciting up and coming club known as Club IT. Club IT is geared the locals that love to listen to the best in Hip Hop, Techno, and Top 40. Live DJ's play Tuesdays through Thursdays using the latest mp3 DJ technology. Live bands make their appearances every Friday and Saturday, giving the local artists a chance to showcase their talent. Being musicians themselves, Lisa and Ruben believe the live bands are very important to the club. The clubs mission statement is "We, Ruben and Lisa, offer live music, DJs, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT." The club is around 6,000 square feet big and can seat 220 people. There is plenty of room on their 600 square foot dance floor for many more individuals as well. The place could easily hold 300 people on any given night. Club IT also has a fully functional website for customers and employees to access club information. The club is definitely off to a good start and only needs a few minor adjustments to be the best club that it can be. Ruben and Lisa have a great vision and with a little fine tuning their club will be the best in the area for Hip Hop and Top 40.

Club IT's interior is already set up as a very comfortable atmosphere for friends to get together and enjoy a night of good music and dancing. They have a kitchen in place already to serve light snacks for all those patrons looking to grab a quick bite. I believe that the club should offer more in the way of beverages. They seem to have a very limited choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. When patrons go to clubs and bars they enjoy a variety of choices and Club IT should look at expanding their bar to keep up with demand. The website that is in place is a very great start. It shows the customers who they are and what they have to offer. The music line up page should show a little more. We will want to include a full calendar so people can see what is going on every day. Once bands are slated to perform we need to put their name into the calendar so patrons know which band is performing and the type of music they play. Some people may not want to see certain bands and may feel they wasted their time if they come out to the club and a band is performing that they do not particularly care for. Bands may also drive traffic to the website if they know that their name is up there. The employee part of the website is very detailed and has access to daily operations information. It is lacking in the fact that once they click the employee portal they can now not return back to the main site. They are stuck there on their employee page. This is problem and should be addressed. The website can definitely use a member's only area. Patrons would sign up for newsletters and access to the member's only area. This area would be for blogging and possible repeat customer incentives.



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