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College Vs High School

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Essay Preview: College Vs High School

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College vs High school

In today's society high school and college education have similarities and differences. Some examples are, between teachers and professors, social conversation with teachers and professors with students etc. Although high school teachers are similar to college professors, there are still differences. For example, expectations, attitude toward class, and interactiveness with class vary between college and high school.

A comparison between teachers and professors is that both are educators and are socially interactive with the students in the classroom. They both are direct and give their full efforts to teach in the classroom. In the classroom they show an equal amount of interest in each student and never have favoritism over anyone. They both also understand their teaching requirements and are there to teach the students.

A contrast between the teachers and professors is in high school, teachers are required to do everything they can to help you pass, where as in college if you don't show up to class that is on you and the teacher will not come find you. Also in high school teachers will learn all the names in their classes and show personal interest, in college the teacher will not know everyone and is just there to teach and do a job. Teachers in college have the attitude that if you don't show up, they still get paid regardless.

Another comparison is both have a degree of social interactiveness. Both will teach, but at same time make jokes and try to get people involved in classroom discussions. They both will get students in groups to talk and interact with each other. Also they both try to make the classroom structure be an interactive learning environment. Some high school teachers and college professors will even bring outside objects or people into the class room to spice up interactiveness.

The contrast between the teachers and professors interactiveness is some professors will show no interest in classroom interactiveness and will just lecture class. High school teachers will occasionally be very dull and moody to classes and will make it a dull environment. Although, high school teachers tend to care more about the students education and success and find that classroom interactiveness is important, where in college professors already expect you to have interactive skills and to be able to adapt to the new college environment.

Thirdly, high school and college are both excellent educational methods. They both teach the student body about life and how to get through it. As well they teach us about history and how to learn and adapt to new methods. Education in both high school and college prepares us for the work world, which is the real world were there are no teachers at all.

The contrast to this is once you graduate high school and are starting college, college is a brand new experience and is different



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