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High School and College

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Essay Preview: High School and College

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It is helpful to have an education in today's society especially if you want to be successful. High school and college work hand and in helping students obtain an education. School can differ in a variety of ways such as time, finances, and campus size. High school was mandatory, and I did not like attending! Dropping out was not an option, and I was so happy when I when I graduated. Therefore, my preference is college because it is a choice I made for myself.

First, I prefer college because I can set my own schedule. So, when I schedule my college courses, I have more available time and high school was set. Now, that I am enrolled in college, I can go in the evening time. In contrast to high school, I could only go in the morning. I college I have to study more, but in high school, I barely studied.

Next, in college can be expensive, but I did not have to pay for my classes and books when in high school. Now, in college I have to pay for all my classes and books. Transportation was free in high school, because I rode the bus. Yet, in college I have to drive my car and pay for gas and maintenance of my vehicle.

Finally, the difference between high school and college is campus size. In high school I could walk to all my classes because they were closer together. As for for college, my classes are spread throughout the campus, so I have to drive to my classes. The high school I went to did not have a lot of parking and the spots were designated for teachers and seniors. On the other hand, there are numerous places to park on the college campus.

I prefer college over high school because I made the decision to attend. In college, I have more learning resources, like the lab and tutors, which I can utilize on campus. The time and cost of college is an investment in my future. This investing is going to help me with the goals I have set for myself. Accomplishing these goals would not be achieved without my decision to return to college.



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