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Exploratory Paper

The argument of whether or not student athletes should get paid is a topic being debated all over the country. There is a lot of pros and cons on both sides of the argument and is a problem we have in sports that we need to clear up very soon before it gets out of hand.

Some people say paying these amateur athletes would completely negate the ultimate reason they are attending school: to learn and get a degree. Others feel as though these schools are taking advantage of their athletes because of the huge dollars they're bringing in from television contracts, ticket sales and merchandise. The National College Players Association issued a report saying that major division one athletes had a fair market value of 100,000 dollars; this is the amount of money they would be paid a year. The NCAA believes there are many problems that come along with paying players, one is that it would lead to "bidding wars" between schools; it would be the end of amateurism in college sports. Another argument used is if college athletes were to get paid by the NCAA they should all get the same amount. So for instance the Heisman Trophy winner along with all the other best players in their sports would all get paid the same amount. Unfortunately, non-revenue athletes do not benefit from this at all. They work just as hard as revenue-sport athletes and deserve respect, but their sports dont make money. And they certainly cant make the claim that their school is taking advantage of their athletic accomplishments. They're getting an almost-free education and playing a sport they love. Plus, these athletes don't really have the option of turning pro if they want to. That same argument cannot be used for many revenue-sport athletes.

Many Ideas have been brought up by the NCAA and other asscosiations such as the National college players association (NCPA). Some of the ideas that have been brought up include the NCAA can pay for lifetime medical insurance for anyone that plays a contact sport and is vulnerable to injury. Athletes do risk concussions and other injuries that may affect them down the road. The NCAA could also put the players total revenue sharing in an untouchable bank account and wait to see if they graduate, or not. If they do graduate , they can get the revenue they earned, but if they dont than that money would to the university. There is a significantly higher graduation rate in student athletes than regular students. The reason for the student athletes having a higher grade point average than regular student is because of the no pass no play policy and the team building and leadership qualities you pick up being a part of a team. Many people ask why even bring up the issue of paying players if it's not broke why fix it. Well there is a problem with college sports, The biggest problem is money and where it is going. There is a lot of under the



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