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Communication Case

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Communication is one of the most serious workplace skills. American heritage dictionary defined communication as the "exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing or behavior" (American Heritage Dictionary). It is a way of human beings responding to each other mainly in verbal or nonverbal communication. It is running, or continuous process within person's daily lives. Communication takes place when people sends or receives information, ideas and feelings with other not only using spoken or written communication. If an individual actual think about it, instructions could never be given, supplies could not be ordered or research could not be done and development could not be measured.

Communication involves in simple elements such as a message, then someone to send the message and someone to get the message. When a message is sent, and received, consideration has transpired, but this does not represent the relationship between the sender and receiver has been successful. Effective communication only happens when the message that the sender wanted is to receive by the person to whom it was sent (Communication: The Essential Workplace Skill).

Communication is like giving extra information to an individual. A sender encodes ideas, and feelings into some sense. There is a method of the channel into a receiver, who in turns decodes the message. Then a response from the receiver to the sender's message is the feedback. Noise seems to be part of being the group with strong communication. Once the information is exchange, the sender, and receiver go through several stages. Their goal is to improve the message and use the channel for communication in a way that it is understood and shared (Communication: The Essential Workplace Skill).

The sender then decides which meaningful ideas or messages should be the subject of exchange. Unfortunately, many tries to exchange data removed at the beginning stage since the sender has not spent enough time to think about the issue. The sender or originator of a communication is the person or organization that has information to disclose with others. The source can become an individual or a non-personal entity such as business or organization itself (Horton, James).

Encoding is the process of putting thoughts, ideas, and information into a symbolic need to convey a message. The sender is trying to encode the message so that it is understood, and deliver the content si understood by the person who is listeningties into the process of developing a complete message that all the information or clarification from the source and sender hopes to bring (Horton, James).

The receiver is the person the sender has shared the information or conversation. The receivers' understanding of the source influences the manner in which the message is getting, interpreted and responded also (Horton, James).

Decoding is the process of transforming and breaking down the sender's message back into consideration. The message may have an impact by the receiver's frame of reference or area of experience (Riggio, Ronald).

Feedback is the responsibility of the receiver's response that is present back to the sender and takes a number of different forms. Feedback provides the sender with a means of monitoring how the message is being decode and received by the target audience (Riggio, Ronald) .

Throughout the communications process, every message is subject to noise which refers to factors that can distort or interfere with adequate response or evaluation. Noise can occur during the process of encoding, transmission, or decoding of a message. Noise may take place because there is no understanding between the sender and receiver.(Riggggio, Ronald).

Although the sender transmit a message and the receiver is on the other end to decode the message sometimes nonverbal communication take places. People in the workplace can reveal a vast deal of information



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