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Communication Channels

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Communication channels selection is a key to effective responses in any given situation. Let us take scenario one in which the VP of operations uses downward communication to inform the marketing manager about the introduction of the new beverage into different markets in the US. The VP of operations also communicates his expectation of launching the beverage product into the global market to the marketing manager and that the marketing manager has only one week to develop a strategy to enter the global market.

In the scenario given above I would use downward communication in the form of an oral communication with the team members by having a meeting with the group. In the meeting I would outline the details of the assignment given by the VP of operations. I would explain to the team about the timeline and the expectation on planning a strategy to enter the global market. I believe that oral communication with the team is the most suitable for this scenario because an immediate response was needed by the VP of operations who had only given 1 week to plan a strategy to enter the global market. Having the meeting with the team members facilitated open communication and helped answer any questions that a team member may have in planning a strategy. Oral communication benefited in receiving responses in a minimal time. Once all the feedback on the strategy plan to launch the product into the global market was received by the team I would compile all the feedback and then have a discussion with the team and see if there are any final comments or revisions to be made. I would then present the strategic plan to the VP of operations by having a meeting with him. The strategic plan would be presented in a flow chart which would get the VP of operations attention to the main points and eliminate the possibility of engaging in a meandering discussion. By using the channel of upward communication and having a face to face meeting with him I would get immediate feedback and this in turn would save time if any changes to the plan had to be made. For example in our reading "Organizational behavior" 14th edition, Chapter 11, page 26.Stepehn P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge. Anne-Marie Campbell demonstrates downward communication with the manager and employees of a home depot store in St. Petersburg, FL. Ann-Marie communicates to the team the goals of focusing on clean warehouse and top customer services which then allows upward communication to her management.

Although oral communication is best for scenario one it may not be appropriate for a situation where a larger group of people may be involved .For instance in scenario two where the login password for an application used by the whole company do not work because the login password has expired and a new login is required to use the application. In this situation the best communication channel would be written communication via email. I would send an email about the existing login problem to the IT department and explain



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