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Mgt 521 - Communication Channel Scenarios

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Essay Preview: Mgt 521 - Communication Channel Scenarios

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Communication Channel Scenarios


June 6, 2011

Communication Channels Scenarios

Communication is essential in the success of any company and must be shared and understood in order to achieve that success. This exercise displays three different scenarios. The writer will indicate which communication channel is best used for each scenario and the reasoning behind the choice.

Scenario One

What communication channel will you use? The communication channel to best fit this scenario would be the written, electronic communication in an e-mail. Why is this channel the best choice in this situation? This channel is the best choice because it encompasses the whole team in one shot with the details needed for the marketing project. Face-to-face communication or phone communication would not be as productive because the same message would have to be repeated and the margin of errors would grow. The details, assignments, goal, and other vital information could be included in the e-mail and the following e-mails between the team would provide more detailed info as the project advances. This channel of communication could be taken a step further by utilizing SharePoint or a similar program. The CMS WIRE (2003-2011) website describes SharePoint as "this software product is first about sharing information and secondly about finding and collaborating on information at a specific place."

What communication channel will you use to convey your strategy to the Vice President of Operations? Face-to-face communication would be the best channel of communication to convey the strategy to the Vice President. Why is this channel the best choice in this situation? The communication to the Vice President of Operations needs to be concise, clear, and to the point. The audience is just one person; therefore, face-to-face communication is best. Also the Marketing Manager wants to convince the Vice President that this idea is the best marketing strategy, which warrants the need for the face-to-face communication so that the manager can influence the Vice President with emotion, passion, and motivation.

Scenario Two

What communication channel do you use to contact the IT department? The best communication channel in this scenario would be oral communication via telephone. Why is this channel the best choice in this situation? This channel of communication is the best channel because of the instantaneous feedback without the traveling to obtain the information needed. Since a computer program is what is not currently working, e-mail and other electronic forms of communication may not be accessible or safe.

What communication channel will you use to inform your employees



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