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Selecting Appropriate Communication Channels

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Essay Preview: Selecting Appropriate Communication Channels

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According to Robbins and Judge's research, a lack of communication can severely inhibit the performance of a group (2011). Throughout the past week, we have explored the various functions and forms of communication. Additionally, we have examined the advantages and drawbacks of the different forms of communication. The purpose of this paper is to apply knowledge of communication to select appropriate communication channels, when provided a scenario.

In the event of developing a strategy to enter a new beverage in the global market, the best method to relay this task is oral communication, more specifically a group meeting. With a short, one-week timeline to develop a strategy, oral communication would most quickly convey the information. In addition, oral communication would eliminate any misunderstanding regarding the new strategy implementation; team members would be able to quickly ask for (and receive) clarification for misunderstandings. Given the time sensitive nature of the information, it is imperative that the team has access to immediate feedback. In relaying this information to the Vice President of Operations, written communication would be the best channel of communication. The aforementioned global marketing strategy is like to contain detailed tasks and figures. By putting the strategy in writing, the Vice President of Operations can continue to access it on an as-needed basis.

Next, as the manager of a larger travel agency, if I discover that a critical company login and password had expired, the fastest mode of communication would be to call the IT department to obtain updated information. It would be risky to send an email, because it may not be received in a timely manner, therefore affected the flow of business. Once the new information is obtained, the best method of communication would be office memorandum. While employees are acclimating themselves with the new information, "the message [would be] physically available for later reference" (Robbins and Judge, 2011).

Lastly, in the scenario as an owner of a small editing company with piling bills, I would utilize a group meeting to inform employees of staff reductions. This is an ideal choice for the channel of communication. Since everyone would be present to hear the information regarding staff reductions, having a meeting would reduce fees for printing and distributing materials. In addition, having a meeting will reduce the chance of grapevine rumors. The meeting would be an outlet to "provide information, explain actions and decisions, refrain from shooting the messenger, and maintain open communication channels" (Robbins and Judge, 2011). To inform staff members of termination, the best form of communication would be a one-on-one meeting with each affected staff member. Sending a letter would be very impersonal for a small company employee who has put in years of service. According to Robbins and Judge,



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