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Communication Channels

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The following looks at three different communication scenarios. For each scenario I will select a communication channel and explain why it is the appropriate channel for each scenario.

Source 1:

You are the marketing manager for a new beverage that has done remarkably well in sports arena such as football and basketball. The Vise President of Operations charged you and your team to develop a strategy for entering this new beverage into the global market. You need to take this back to your team, provide them with the product details, and get them started as quickly as possible because they only have one week to develop a strategy. What communication channel will you use? Why is this channel the best choice in this situation? What communication will you use to convey your strategy to the Vice President of Operations? Why is this channel the best choice in this situation?

In order to present a solid strategy to the Vice president of Operations I would use face-to face conversation. According to Robins and Judge (Robbins and Judge, 2011), a face to face conversation scores the highest in channel richness because it conveys the most information in a single meeting. My team and I would need to discuss how we would overcome language and cultural barriers when releasing this product globally. Misinterpretation is minimized when people have a face-to-face interaction making it one of the best types of communication. Also it is easier for people to give direct feedback face-to-face. To convey my strategy to the Vice President of operations I would also use a face-to-face conversation. A face-to-face meeting also may be more desirable because I may need to show some visual presentation, as well as having the potential for maximum feedback from the boss makes this communication tactic the best option.

Source 2:

You are the manager of a large travel agency. You manage 11 employees. This morning, one of your employees notifies you that the company login name and password no longer work for a computer application used by all company employees. You quickly contact the offsite IT department responsible for the upkeep of that computer application to find out why the login name and password have expired. They provided you with a new login name and password. What communication channel will you use to contact the IT department? Why is this channel the best choice in this situation? What communication channel will you use to inform your employees about what happened and provide them with the new login name and password? Why is this channel the best choice in this situation?

When I contact the IT department I would use telecommunications. Getting a password for an application that all employees need would not be routine for me. According to Robbings and Judge (Robbins & Judge, 2011), all non routine



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