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Communication Process

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Essay Preview: Communication Process

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I am in favor of the era of technology. This era is one where automation is rapidly increasing. Although it causes a disruption for some, the adaption is just as quick.

On a daily basis, both businesses and individuals use technology. It has become a part of our lives; we use it for communication, education, health purposes, job creation, and travel or business growth. 

Technology increases communication and production and companies are using it not just as a way to improve their own internal processes, but also as a driving force for how they grow. As humans, it is natural that we communicate. In the past this could be done through telegrams, letters and postage companies and by foot which take a while for the message to be delivered. But now each of us uses technology to communicate to our friends, business associates, consumers and loved ones. The simplicity of communication has been aided by the invention of the internet and iPhones.

These two inventions have changed the way we communicate in today’s society. Communications has become so easy and cheap. Not only that, but now you can make internet calls for free, as a software or APP can be downloaded or installed to make this possible; (Skype, Google Talk, WhatsAPP) just to name a few. A live video and or video call for free can be made using broadband internet. This allows for real-time information, interaction and entertainment and can be a great source of insight and discovery.

Today businesses have embraced technology to gain a competitive advantage in the market.  Businesses have increased their spending on technology, as large streams of data are funneled though this medium every day, which allows companies to become more productive. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can use it to their advantage as the internet has made it easier for many people to access valuable information and support.

Technologies improve efficiency and help businesses expand and increase its production. It can help a business and organizations create a unit where all parties in the organization can access information at any given time. It allows businesses to reach its target audience at a reduced cost. The Internet is becoming a force that is driving innovation and new opportunities by bringing every object, consumer, and activity into the digital realm. More and more companies are beginning to see that these connections are not just limited to their employees and customers, but it enables them to network globally.

Home Depot, for example, is looking to shape the way people live through an emerging connected home market. The company is working with manufacturers to ensure all of the connected home products it sells are easily accessible through the web. On the other hand, a small business can use the internet to market their product (like non-perishable goods) without incurring an increase cost of rental space. It also helps them with a number of software packages to use to their advantage. Many companies both small and large have found that using the Internet is good for business.



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