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Communication Process Model

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Essay Preview: Communication Process Model

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Who was the sender?

The supervisor was the sender.

Who was the receiver?

The employee was the receiver of the message.

What was the message?

The employee was instructed to help unload the supplies off of the supply truck.

What channel was used to send the message?

Face to face communication was used to channel the message.

What was the misunderstanding that occurred?

The misunderstanding occurred when the employee failed to immediately unload the truck. The employee did not know that the supply truck had arrived, because the restaurant had just opened. ( The supply truck usually arrives at midday. Today it came earlier than expected.)

How could the misunderstanding have been avoided?

If the supervisor had communicated to the employee that the supply truck was here early. Also, the employee could have asked was the supply truck here already, instead of assuming that it had not yet arrived. This assumption that the supply truck had not arrived was based off of prior knowledge of the truck arriving at mid-day.

Bring your completed chart to class for sharing in

small groups.

After each group member has shared his

or her example with other group members, answer the

following questions:

1. What did you learn about the communication

process from this activity?

* In this activity I have learned just how important effective communication is. The slightest misinterpretation, or misunderstanding can cause a bad communication between the sender and receiver. Also, the type of environmental setting plays a key role in effectively communicating. One must be very careful to consider the environment for which he or she is trying to communicate. Depending upon the type of communication, one might want to change locations so that the message is properly communicated in a sound setting.

2. What seemed to be the main causes of the misunderstandings?

* The main causes of misunderstandings seemed to come from simple detail such as, not providing enough information, misinterpretation of what the other person said, or not asking for enough information to properly understand what is being communicated.

3. What tips can you suggest for preventing misunderstandings

in communication?

* Some tips for



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